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MiG-7 Plans


1/12 Scale R/C Combat Aircraft -- Constructed primarily of corrugated plastic!

Download FREE Plans Here: Mig7.zip

Plans updated 3/22/2010 -- .PDF files recreated to print with Adobe Reader 9 -- no content change.

Note: to read these plans you will need an unZip program and Acrobat viewer -- click links to download free programs.

MiG Links:

Since first publishing the MiG-7 plans in 2000, I have received dozens of emails from builders all over the world. Recently, Sean from South Africa started a blog detailing his group's experiences with the design -- including building details and modifications for slope and electric flight. Click on the link below:

MiG-7 Blog: http://correxmig.blogspot.com/

David Drowns and the Palomar RC Flyers in California have modified the MiG plans to produce an SSC class model. The added wing area and reduced tip taper make it a great flyer for SSC and Open-class combat. Check out the plans and details of their group build at their website:

Palomar Flyers Combat: http://members.cox.net/pfcombat/

For general help and information on building R/C planes using corrugated plastic (as well a many free plans) visit:

Simple Plastic Airplane Design S.P.A.D.: http://www.spadtothebone.com

F7F Tigercat


SPADtana - .72 Sport Plane

1 oz. Micro Indoor Flyers

Giant Scale F7F Tigercat

deHavilland Vampire
1/12 Scale Combat

F7F Combat




1/12th Scale F7F Electric

Mosquito for E-Combat

Electric Combat Hellcat

Re-2000 .20 Combat


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